Made here to ride here

Bullfinch frames are engineered in the UK West Midlands from the world’s best steel tube components. Combining leading technology in CAD design and assembly techniques with elite component manufacture, we produce outstanding bicycles from our Solihull factory.

At Bullfinch we understand the highly personal connection between the rider and the road. Our British climbs and descents are unlike anywhere else in the world, so we design and build our range to perform over these surfaces. Bullfinch bikes are built for the roads we call home, but it is equally about beauty because we know what it means to love a bike and be inspired by it even before you’ve turned a pedal. These bikes are built to motivate.

We have been inspired to begin this venture by the hundreds of great cyclists we meet on the road and in cafe stops. These are the people that may sneak a glance at your bike to weigh you up, but primarily just love bikes and riding. These bikes are for you.

We ride and build steel

We choose to build in steel because it provides such a fantastic soul to a bike. Sprung stiffness, toughness and aesthetic beauty are at the heart of what drives these bikes.

Bullfinch is a proud partner of Reynolds steel, with their own factory only a few miles away from our own. Through the years, more than 20 Tour de France winning bicycles have been built using Reynolds tubing who have been manufacturing in Birmingham for over a century. Reynolds have roots that go back to the industrial revolution and have made equally great contributions to the automotive world with tubing for the Jaguar E-Type chassis and other motoring legends like the Aerial Atom. Although we are always focused on the ride experience and the bike, this is also a story about the magic of building a bike built down the road.

Steel is a unique material for building bicycles. Bullfinch works with steel to balance strength with flexibility to produce a custom hand-built frame that will stand years of hard riding. Long-favoured because of its springiness and compliance, steel is a material that others struggle to match. Across our range we have put its qualities to their best use.

Bringing bike manufacturing back home

Bullfinch Bicycles Ltd, as an enterprise, brings together a network of people and businesses with substantial industry experience in their own fields but who share one thing in common. From accountant to videographer, from graphic design to CAD, from painter to tube designers, we are all cyclists who know our bikes.

The Bullfinch mission is to bring bicycle manufacture back to the West Midlands, the UK cradle of bike building. In an age of global mass production, we say, make it here! By buying a Bullfinch bike, you take home a piece of lovingly crafted local manufacturing. And you will ride it again and again…

See the bikes in a bike shop

Bullfinch has its first retail partner in Red Kite Cycles, also found in Solihull and serving the whole of the West Midlands… Red Kite Cycles hold a growing demo fleet of bikes and the staff can advise you on all aspects of model selection, geometry and sizing, colourways and more. You can check out Red Kite Cycles here.