Colours and Finishes


Your custom bike comes with a choice of finishes. To keep life simple we have a flat pricing structure which means that you just choose what you are after; the finish is included in the frame purchase. We have three categories of colour finishes: see below to choose yours. On top of this you also select a personal colour-way for your graphics set. Standard colours for graphics are White, Brass/Gold, Silver, and Dark Metallic Anthracite – and in some instances we might be persuaded to get other colours if it is what you need and want.


These are high gloss, non-metallic paints for classic simplicity. The colour choices are:

  • Black like night
  • Red like the post office
  • White like snow


These are achieved through the use of coloured clear coats applied over base silver metallic paint. This traditional paint technique for steel bikes is labour and time intensive but is worth the effort for its fantastic colour depth and interaction with sunlight. The colour choices are as follows (see the bottom of the page for swatches):

  • Red Dusk
  • Orange Tiger
  • Yellow Gold
  • Green Verdant
  • Blue Sea
  • Purple Deepness


A unique and beautiful finish, revealing the detail of steel and weld that makes up your custom bike. This is a fickle finish which will need re-doing every year or two – but this is no bad thing as a new set of clothes for your Bullfinch bike can only motivate you to ride it more. See the SP1 featured elsewhere on this site for a taster.

When you order a frame we will run through your choice of colour and graphics with you. We can advise on combinations and might be persuaded by your enthusiasm to carry out one-off trick custom paint schemes… like pink for the Giro, yellow for the Tour de France, or Polka dots! This may incur additional cost.