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A sports bike built for cyclists who want to comfort, endurance and tempo


The design brief for SP1 was to maximise the blend of dynamics and stability. To achieve this we designed a longer endurance style back end with a fractionally higher front end for a less committed riding position. What’s unique about the SP1 is its sharper angled and swifter steering front geometry – this allows a more responsive handling agility to offset the sure-footedness of the longer rear end. The fork for the SP1 is the bespoke Bullfinch No5 fork – straight, direct and purposeful. The combined effect is a true sporting steel ride that kicks tradition a long way along our 21st century roads and into the future.


  • Custom selected Reynolds 853 steel tubes
  • Full inert gas fillet brazed frame
  • Braze-on mech clamp
  • Endurance geometry
  • Bespoke Bullfinch No5 straight steel fork
  • Chris King No-Thread headset

This bike is CAD drawn and then crafted in our Solihull factory workshop to be millimetre straight from Birmingham-made Reynolds 853 steel tubing. Tube diameters and wall thicknesses are all chosen to make the most of the subtle sports geometry tweaks we have deployed to redefine the sports bike category. This means comfort balanced with pace. It is a bike built to follow the road surface without transmitting every granular detail. And our unique straight steel No5 fork gives comfort, weight and direction to the steering that few bikes can match. This bike brakes, steers and turns exactly as you would expect of the highest end machines.

We have designed and built this frame for the rider who understands the individuality of being a cyclist. Each ride is unique in its own way depending on weather, road conditions, company or solitude. The SP1 is built for the complexity of the cyclist’s world. We are athletic but not professional athletes – we try hard but know how to enjoy ourselves – we know that beauty matters more than we admit. And we want to ride a custom bike like this to make our world come to life.

Frame finish, sizing and purchase options

This frameset comes custom painted with graphic colours of your choice through our no-cost custom paint programme. See here for more.

Sizing is decided upon through consultation once your order is placed. See here for more.

If you would like a full bike build rather than just a frameset, you can put yourself in our build queue by ordering your frame here. Then, when we contact you we can run through build options; this aspect is delivered through our first retail partner Red Kite Cycles.