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Disc-brake all rounder that blends rugged pace with swift handling

The new Bullfinch VX is handbuilt from custom selection Reynolds 853 Pro-Team tube sets. With bolt-thru 12mm axles front and rear and its barrel-chested custom 44mm i/d headtube, it is the epitome of the versatile modern road bike. It adds new dimensions to tough road riding with its unique design and build options. The lightweight steel chassis is specced with mounts for mudguards front and rear, and has a potentially limitless colour palette for finishes.

This is a bike that will absolutely star on UK roads. It is designed to take the bumps and lumps of our black-top, and to hold its line when the surface deteriorates. It is an all-season contender with the ability to propel strong riders on long summer rides (with or without luggage); equally, it will cosset you in the colder months, insulating you from winter roads and keeping you warm with its very own glow. The steel chassis gives a subtle ride feel, making the road comfortable and easily read. The bike climbs and descends with the neutrality to give any rider confidence: it has a big engine feel that makes it go like a train when you get it rolling on open roads.


To meet the needs of different riders we offer a choice of rear end solutions:

  • 16mm stays – Increased comfort & bigger  tyres (35mm max)
  • 19mm conical stays – Increased stiffness & racier tyre selection (30mm max)

Paint – The Bullfinch custom paint programme enables you to choose from an unparalleled suite of finishes. There is no complicated up-charging: you select from either our core colour range or work with us to choose something truly personal and individual. And a suite of modern finishes from gloss to satin, plus flamme metallics and raw lacquer means that each and every bike is different from the last. This is the next level bike.



  • Rugged all rounder frame design built from custom selection Reynolds 853 Pro-Team tubes
  • Purposeful geometry with 425mm chain stays
  • Rack and guard mounts for increased functionality
  • Bolt-thru 12mm axles into stainless dropouts
  • 16mm or 19mm rear stay choice
  • Big tyre clearance of 30 – 35mm (depending on seat stay selection)
  • Peerless quality front end with Whisky fork and Chris King headset

The ordering process is simple. Purchase below and you will be in the queue for the next build slot. Lead times are around 8 weeks. You will be contacted shortly after your purchase to arrange a fit session and design consultation.